Main uses

What is?

What's Klic-Klic and how does it work?

Klic-klic is the pioneering sex toy that turns virtual encounters into real sensations. With Klic-Klic, the pleasure of making contact rediscovered, distances are redefined, and the barriers between reality and fantasy are broken.

Klic-Klic is much more than a high quality vibrator, it's the 3.0 erotic toy that opens the door to a new sex community

Klic-Klic is a remote sex toy that transforms all the strokes and movements applied to it into pulses the sexual partner receives on their own device.

With its Bluetooth technology and Internet connection, Klic-Klic allows bidirectional communication so that both partners can give and receive pleasure from any place, at any time.

Its powerful vibration motors have been created to synchronize with its sophisticated sensor pad, which can be attached to either one’s own device or to a partner's, transforming the received pressure in to different levels of vibration

Main uses

Technical features

Klic-Klic is designed for the pleasure

Klic-Klic is a system of two devices, one designed for the pleasure of men and the other for women

Both devices are equipped with the most advanced features:

  • 2 powerful vibrating motors to assure pleasure.
  • 3 motion sensors to adapt the experience to reality.
  • Bi-directional simultaneous connectivity though Bluetooth technology.
  • Motor vibration activation and graduation relating to the pressure applied to motion sensor pad.
  • Powered with 4 AAA batteries, allowing five hours autonomy.
  • The device's life cycle is estimated at three years. Inner shapes for the masculine device are replaceable.
  • Easy to clean with water.
The masculine one has a concave shape and combines different textures, where the feminine one is specially conceived to achieve G spot pleasure. Both are carefully designed to unleash the maximum amount of pleasure

How does Klic-Klic integrates in your business?

The flexible API can integrate the Klic-Klic experience

Using the flexible API you can fully integrate the Klic-Klic experience into your web based business

The API allows for ease of use and operates in the following methods:

In video chat rooms: with one-to-many experiences between professional and users

  • The virtual sex experience enters a new dimension, generating real experiences.

By synchronizing content

  • The Klic-Klic system allows the creation of virtual sex sensations tracks through the device.

Generating community

  • The API gives access to user data and to the devices' linked activity.

Wich benefeits can Klic-Klic provide yo your business?

By implementing Klic-Klic in your business, you open the door to many new advantages

  • Higher user recurrence: by integrating Klic-Klic into your webpage or community you enhance the recurrence of the user base, increasing loyalty and building barriers to your potential competitors.
  • Higher profits: the device sale generates a percentage of the sales revenue.
  • Advertising Revenue: as a result of integrating Klic-Klic into your webpage, both the connection time and user interaction for each session are increased, offering more possibilities for advertising.
  • Cross-Selling Income: the marketing of multimedia content that incorporates Klic-Klic experience tags opens a new business opportunity for the adult entertainment industry.

Do you want to know more?

You can find more information at www.klic-klic-com or contact with us